Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cooking Tricks

I love to cook and make new things, but I hate spending a lot of time in the kitchen doing so. This last year my life was crazy, but I didn't want my family to suffer and my wallet was too thin for take out and fast food each night. I found a few little tricks that helped me do what a love, feed my family a home cooked meal each night so I thought I'd share some of my cooking tricks.

1. Buy hamburger meat in bulk and cook it up.
It does take a little time to cook up so much meat, but when you have 8 bags of meat cooked and ready to go it cuts cooking time in half! You can do chicken as well. Dice it, shred it or leave it alone.

2. Make a weekly menu
Write out everything you need and add what you don't have to your shopping list. This helps you not spend too much money at the store as well as finding out later that you don't have something for the meal you are cooking.

3. Create a meal list
I was getting stuck in a food rut. Spaghetti or enchiladas. It seemed I was making the same meals over and over again. As soon as I made a meal list I remembered meals I had forgotten about, added new favorites to the list, and was no longer stuck in a rut.

4. Crock pot
I forgot how much I loved my crock pot! Set it, forget it, and when you get home it's ready. You can even put them outside so your house doesn't heat up. That's the last thing we need in AZ!

5. Rhodes Rolls
These bad boys are so yummy! I'm not a baker at all. When I try nothing works out for me. I am so banned from yeast! You buy these in the freezer section and they taste like homemade. I set mine outside for faster rising. They have turned out perfect every time. I like to bake mine in a muffin pan. They end up being pull apart rolls.

So, these are a few little tricks I've found. What are some of yours?

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